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Project Manager
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Responsible for End-to-End managing of a project to develop a product, technology, system, solutions, services or IT solution: from the initial start until the introduction in the Market or until internal company delivery:                                                        

•Formulates the E2E Transformation project plan, in accordance with the goals and timing, set by management; specifies the manning of the project, resources required, anticipated costs, risk assessment and quality standards to be used;
•Controls the project budget and project progress, evaluates all project initiatives as to feasibility, costs/benefits and added value, takes corrective actions when necessary and generates adequate reporting;
•Directs employees and gives them operational guidance, both technically and organizationally;
•Advises (per request and proactively) on all process and organization challenges from a financial-technical perspective;
• Creates insights into the relationship between processes and costs and advises the management and project teams;
• Is in charge of looking into and decreasing material supply and handling cost;
• Is involved in the creation and implementation of financial project plans (business cases), cost calculations and time and method analysis;
• Connect with F&A department regarding financial related topics like cost prices, cost/savings, capex and capital planning and support of operational result analysis;
• Focuses on master data management, uses SAP to maintain material master data based on interface with procurement and MF engineering;
• Reviews quotations of suppliers and provides feedback.


Technical or financial university degree;
Additional proven experience on cost engineering / management of capex will be a plus;
At least 4 years experience in a similar job;
Great interpersonal skills, the ability to explain complex technical matters to a non-technical audience and build good working relationships, logical & creative thinking skills and being able to articulate the benefits or the work we do;
Strategic know-how and be able to collaborate to a high-level managing experience;
Exceptional organisational skills;
Ability to collect, analyse and interpret data.

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