Interim package

Based on the evolution of the specific needs of our national and international clients and on our over 15 years of experience in providing integrated solutions/, based on temporary labor, we designed a specific services package, dedicated to this type of needs.

We implemented and keep on implementing projects with a wide range of coverage in terms of complexity, volume and scale, in industries such as food industry, textile industry, oil and gas industry, agriculture, IT.

Our projects are developed both at national and international level, supporting clients from countries such as Germany, Belgium, France, Switzerland, etc.


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Special Interim package

Services included in


Personnel recruitment and assessment

designed specifically to be applied applicable in the interim area, where these processes have specifics particularities in terms of volume and professional specialization.


Placement and support of the personnel

during the entire duration of the contract


Employment of the personnel

including the approach of the legal, operational, health and safety, professional and organizational integration details regarding.


Personnel administration and payroll

from drafting contracts, managing all legal forms related to a proper running of the professional activity, on-site specific assistance services, payroll, managing the relationship with the employee and with the competent authorities in this field.


Logistics-informational, operational legal

We provide our clients with a detailed logistics infrastructure, permanently updated on all 3 components.